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Vale do Lobo with growing trend of demand for investors and digital nomads - News
Vale do Lobo with growing trend of demand for investors and digital nomads
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05 March 2021
Vale do Lobo registered, throughout 2020, a significant increase in real estate interest in all its areas. Despite the atypical year in the face of the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic, the resort located in the municipality of Loulé closed the sale of many of the properties available, from apartments to luxury detached villas, and construction work will soon begin. new lots sold. In addition to the acquisition for residence or investment, the trend of increasing demand for the resort's facilities is also registered for rentals and medium/long term stays.

The United Kingdom and Ireland continue to be the main markets for investors who acquire properties in Vale do Lobo. However, there is a clear trend in demand from countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium, with an increase in interest and new contacts from potential customers from these markets. This increase in activity may be due to the way the market is responding to recent and decisive events worldwide, and the pandemic has inspired many to look to Portugal as a safe haven. The Global Wellness Institute, for example, identified the “wellness real estate lifestyle” as an upward trend, with a growing awareness that the place where you live directly interferes with daily behavior, which, consequently, has a impact on our health. At the same time, Brexit sparked the interest of customers who intend to take advantage of the Golden Visa benefits, before the rules were changed in July this year.

This positive trend in real estate activity - which continues to be felt in the beginning of 2021 - proves that a house in Vale do Lobo continues to represent an attractive investment and a practically natural choice. The rationale for choosing Vale do Lobo Resort lies in the strong sense of community, characterized by a dynamic social energy recognized by residents, visitors and owners, in the wide diversity of infrastructures, services and experiences, as well as in the exceptional location by the sea. The Algarve destination itself is an international synonym for quality of life for all the experience it offers, with some of the best beaches in the world, good gastronomy, a safe environment and a favorable climate for an active and healthier lifestyle.

Even for digital nomads looking to explore new destinations, while reconciling them with their teleworking professional lives, many resorts, such as Vale do Lobo, have been developing promotions and special offers that add work and stay, providing spaces to reside and continue to perform professional tasks online, with additional benefits of reliable Wi-Fi connection and perks at the resort, with the added bonus of enjoying a warm and pleasant surrounding environment. Likewise, when achieving a balance between work and personal life, clients who have adopted this lifestyle have found that not only have they increased their productivity, but also their well-being.

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Vale do Lobo with growing trend of demand for investors and digital nomads