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Mindfulness overlooking the garden - News
Mindfulness overlooking the garden
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30 January 2020
Per Norrgren, Master in Mindful Movement and Yoga, guides the first class at the Vale do Lobo resort on January 30, between 10am and 11am. This partnership involves an extended program of events throughout the year.

It has been scientifically proven that physical and mental exercises promote well-being and longevity. On January 30, Vale do Lobo receives the Master in Mindful Movement and Yoga, Per Norrgren, Training Director and Founder of inMindSight, for a Mindfulness session, in the Strauss Room of the resort's Auditorium, benefiting from a tranquil view of the outside garden.

This first class aims to teach strategies related to posture, breathing, balance, relaxation and flexibility related to this practice, which is increasingly present in Western societies. The class includes a practical aspect of breathing, followed by Chi Kung movements that are performed slowly in order to awaken body and mind. This edition also includes the execution of yoga postures, by the Hatha family, performed gently, accompanied by meditation and body relaxation practices, which aim to help the mind to relax. All postures and movements will be properly explained and demonstrated during the class by the teacher.

Throughout the year, Vale do Lobo will hold new editions, on the last Thursday of the month, with classes on the Mindful Movement as well as workshops dedicated to various current topics.

In February, the workshop will be dedicated to «Sleep Awareness & Anxiety» and in April it will be subordinated to «Mindful Food». In turn, in July, it will address the «Focus on Attention & Performance in Sports», and in August the theme will be «Mindful Communication». Finally, in October, it will be the “Pain Consciousness” that inspires the event of this Mindful Movement program at the Vale do Lobo resort.

These events are part of a series of new experiences scheduled in the Vale do Lobo calendar, which aim to promote integral and holistic well-being, combining physical health with mental health practices.

To participate in this first class as well as in the workshops at the resort, no previous experience is necessary, both are open to all interested parties, with no age limit, it is only recommended to bring comfortable clothes.

Mindfulness overlooking the garden